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Consumer Law

The European set of rules concerning Consumer protection is directly or indirectly applicable in Cyprus after its accession to the Union.

Both the consumers and suppliers must be aware of those rules and their consequences. We provide with first quality advice to protect your interests!

The European Consumer Policy is present in every aspect of our daily life.

Recent developments have introduced new and stricter rules on the matter of defective products.

  • Consumer related disputes
  • Guarantee claims
  • Misleading and comparative advertising disputes
  • Unfair and abusive contract terms
  • Distance and doorstep selling
  • Travelers’ rights
  • Timeshares and Packages Holidays
  • Health and safety standards advice
  • Advice on packing and labeling of foodstuffs and non-food products and rights
  • Certificates of origin
  • Denominations and Appellations of origin
  • Abusive practices