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Immigration Law

Undeniably the past decade had demonstrated a significance on the increase of Immigration in Cyprus.

The acquisition of the Cyprus Citizenship is now considerably more appealing to foreign nationals since Cyprus is now not only a member of the European Union but also it enjoys accessibility to the rest of the EU. Simultaneously, it is evidently a strong financial and business centre something which contributes as a factor for this unexpected increase of foreign nationals wishing to acquire the Cyprus Citizenship.

Cyprus has concurrently aligned its immigration law and regulations with the EU's acquis communautaire on matters such as entry and stay of third country nationals for self- employment and study purposes and long-term residence. Following these actions, non-EU residents who have been residing in Cyprus for at least five years are now entitled to Long-Term Residence Permits.

Our main goal is therefore to provide an efficient and cost-effective service to our clients by offering up to date and accurate guidance regarding the implementation of immigration law generally. Our immigration lawyers possess the necessary breadth of  knowledge on this field something which provides them with the ability to advice on complex immigration law matters such as permanent and temporary residence licences, passports and visas, employing foreign migrants, dealing with working permits and naturalizations. We have extensive experience in obtaining for the applicant citizenships and Permanent Residency Permits and we are able to guide accordingly on the Permanent Residency Scheme.

We strive to deliver first quality legal representation to international business executives, private and public companies, banks, investors and individuals on quarrelsome immigration matters.

We constantly aim to enrich our experience in this area through various participations in conferences both on national and international level including our recent attendance at the seminar held in Dubai, Arab Emirates in November 2014 regarding the procedure of naturalization.

In detail, our team of experts can provide first quality advice on the below services:

  • Procedural Issues on Naturalization
  • Permanent & Temporary Residence and Working permits
  • ID/Passports/Alien certificates
  • Visas